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Post by VaanAshe on Sun Jun 22, 2008 3:48 pm

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Event: The Eliminator Empty Re: Event: The Eliminator

Post by Jet239 on Thu Jul 03, 2008 12:34 pm

First season Eliminator

Originally a timed and scored event with contenders having 60 seconds to complete the course.

1. Contenders rolled giant balls up a ramp, then placed them in a receptacle
2. Run across balance beam, where six Gladiators swing medicine balls in attempt to knock contender off
3. Cross a pit using a set of commando lines
4. Swing on a rope over a wall
5. Negotiate a set of cones, then choose a corridor and a paper barrier to break through. Four barriers were available to choose, two open, two with Gladiators behind them.

For the second half of the first season both the balance beam and commando line portions of the event were extended. In addition, the number of Gladiators by the four barriers were increased from two to three, with one barrier left open. Finally, the scoring format changed- instead of 5 points being awarded for each second remaining on the clock, 2 points were awarded (to coincide with the change in the show's format).

Second season

Scoring remained the same, but now the women had 75 seconds to complete the course while the men still had 60 seconds.

1. Contenders ran up ramp, using the Travelator (if a contender was unsuccessful in scaling the treadmill after three tries, the contestant would just scale up the ramp by itself); the speed of the treadmill would increase in later rounds.
2. Cross pit through use of a hand bike
3. Cross balance beam, where Gladiators swing weighted blocking pads to try to knock contenders off
4. Climb a 20-foot cargo net
5. Zipline ride back to floor of arena
6. Jump two track hurdles, then choose corridor and barrier with only one open.

Third season changes

Contender with the lead was given a head start (one half-second for every point ahead [this eliminated the need for the scoring and timing of this event, thus making it so that the first person across the finish line was the winner])

A penalty for falling off hand bike imposed by Gladiator and Game Judge:
Ten seconds for women.
Seven seconds for men.
Balance beam replaced by spinning cylinder
Contenders had to climb two walls (originally one, then face a medicine ball gauntlet operated by two gladiators and climb over a hurdle)
Gladiators threw giant medicine balls at contenders from an elevated platform after second wall
Climb over hurdle and break tape to win. Any part of the player's body that crosses the plane of the finish line determines the winner, not the player's torso. This resulted in players making drastic dives across the finish line, including the Series 3 Championship.

Fourth season changes
Second wall taken out, first wall changed to plexiglass
Blocking pad gauntlet operated by two Gladiators
Longer run from final hurdle to finish line

Fifth season changes
Contender scaled tower using a Versaclimber machine (a product placement), then slid down to the hand bike when successful
Treadmill moved to end of course. Two attempts were given and the machine was slower to compensate for course change. Referee is at treadmill.
Rope swing through paper barrier to finish
Game judge administers match at start and starts both players (not referee) in addition to determining which player had which lane after the zip line.
Note: This configuration (specifically the treadmill/rope swing combo) was based on the UK Gladiators Eliminator.

Sixth season change
The only change between season 5 and 6 was the treadmill's free pass rule. The contender had a minute to make it to the top of the treadmill before they could run up the side.

Seventh season changes
Spinning cylinder replaced by two ball-filled pits, which contenders had to wade through and climb out of.

International tournaments
For both International Gladiators tournaments (1994 and 1996), which were held in the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham, England, the Eliminator was the same one that the UK Gladiators show was using at the time (1993-5 version)


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